MY CITY GARDEN infuses technology and art into the love of nature.
Whether you're in the seeding stage or waiting for your plants to blossom, we got you! Our professional-level lighting recipes nurture every phase of plant growth. 
With MCG, you can create gardens of your dreams at your home, shops, offices, or greenhouses!


In 2009, when we founded the parent company of My City Garden, Yuming Science and Technology Co., Ltd, specializing in manufacturing environmentally friendly LED lighting for homes and businesses around the world. Compared with traditional lighting, LED is a transformative technology that greatly reduces energy consumption and leads to more sustainable living. 

In 2020, the pandemic paved the way for new perspectives. We saw the need to reconnect with nature and celebrate small things in life. Infusing technology and art into the love of nature, My City Garden Inc came into fruition. We developed sunlike full spectrum lighting (CRI ≥ 90), plant grow lights, and RG0 eye care products to provide healthy indoor lighting for plants and people. As this new branch directly services our North American customers, our factory in China enables us to quickly respond to customer’s needs, implement high quality control, and show our promise of innovation. 

We strive to inspire people to plant for a happier world, one seed at a time.