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EASY Grow (16''/40cm)

Available NOW

Pack of 4 or 6

Install by screws, tape, or cable ties under shelves, plant stands, or cabinets

For seeding, herbs, microgreens, succulents, and small indoor plants

POWER Grow (2ft/60cm)

Pre-order Now - ship on 11/1

Pack of 2

MCG'S MOST POWERFUL FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT that matches light intensity of professional lighting products used at vertical farms!

Install by magnetic tapes, screws, or cable ties; suitable for all stages of plant growth

Color Temp: 3500/4000/5000/6500K

CLIP & Grow (4 or 6 heads)

Pre-order Now - ship on 9/15

4 or 6 Heads

Clip on tables, shelves, or any hard surface

For small to medium sized houseplants, herbs, and succulents

FLEX Grow (2ft/60cm)

Pre-order Now - Ship on 11/1

Pack of 2 or 3

Easily bendable to fit under any design at home or office

Color Temp: 4000/5000/6500K

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